Manager, Communications



The Business Council of Alberta is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to building a better Alberta within a more dynamic Canada. Composed of the chief executives and leading entrepreneurs of the province’s largest enterprises, Council members are proud to represent the majority of Alberta’s private sector investment, job creation, exports, and research and development. The Council is committed to working with leaders and stakeholders across Alberta and Canada in proposing bold and innovative public policy solutions and initiatives that will make life better for Albertans.


The Manager, Communications is a key leader within the Business Council of Alberta (BCA), playing a crucial role in the creation, management and execution of strategic projects, external relations activities, and communication with priority audiences. 

BCA champions public policy solutions and initiatives that enable competitiveness, opportunity, prosperity, and quality-of-life in Alberta and in Canada. It does this through adaptation, preservation, and collaboration.

The Council’s purpose is Making Life Better, and simply put, that is your role too. We create positive change, enabled by great public policy ideas, given life through persuasive communications. This role is responsible for major key aspects of this work.


The Council is a values driven organization from how we hire, measure our work and hold our teammates accountable. We wear our values on our sleeve and, literally, on our wall. Here they are:

  • Driven by Purpose
  • United by Outcome
  • Daring and Achieving



Values drive BCA and values drive you. You love your province and you love what you do. You take action; measuring yourself not by what you say, but by what you accomplish. You do what’s right, striving to leave every situation better than you found it. You do what you do not because it is easy, but because it matters.


You are an excellent communicator, strategist and a tactician of communications tools from the most proven press release to the most emergent digital campaign tools. You are an evangelist of optimism, seeing the possible in every challenge and helping others see it too. You delight in finding the right messages to deliver to the right audience, and you relish the challenge of persuading others.

Marketing, PR, Campaigns, and Digital Chameleon

You are a comfortable in the full suite of communicans disciplines, weaving them together to achieve results. You effectively plan marketing campaigns from social media, newsletters websites, photo shoots, annual reports and events. You can do it all, and you execute flawlessly. You can effortlessly transition in marketing to different audiences, from top executives, to politicians to average people in an Alberta coffee shop. Oh, and you also help produce one of the country’s best business podcasts: AlbertaBETTER.


  • Manage a small team of communications and external relations professionals to exceptional performance
  • Contribute in every way to the success of the organization as a leader
  • Live the core values of the organization and inspire those in others
  • Display a commitment to adaptability, preservation, and collaboration
  • Set ambitious objectives and key results (OKRs) and achieve them


  • Persuade audiences and build coalitions to advance positive policy ideas
  • Plan and lead strategic communication and marketing campaigns for major initiatives and launches
  • Execute external relations activities: including stakeholder engagements, Indigenous relations, roundtables, and events
  • Produce and grow Western Canada’s top business podcast
  • Public opinion polling
  • Media Relations
  • Content marketing development and deployment


  • Plan, execute and maintain internal calendar for content creation and curation 
  • Engage with members as partners in BCA communications
  • Develop and execute strategies for social media, websites, email communication, video promotion, and mobile and online campaigns
  • Create web pages, email templates, social media posts and other marketing materials
  • Create press releases, conduct media outreach, and host media availabilities
  • Oversee the planning of business leader events 
  • Use data and analytics to track and monitor website, email, and social media traffic and optimize campaigns based on the best-performing strategies
  • Manage the creation of BCA ads, publications, and printed pieces
  • Develop compelling written and digital communications content, op-eds, and content strategies, executed on a tactical calendar
  • Steward and champion the BCA Brand


Exceptional writing, including ability to develop communications and PR products including media messages, press releases, op-eds, and briefing notes.

You will also need to have or develop competency in the following planforms or similar, in addition to standard office technology

  • Online marketing and CRM: HubSpot
  • Major social media platforms
  • WordPress (updating) and Squarespace
  • Canva and/or Adobe Creative Suite
  • Meltwater
  • Display and SEM advertising
  • Analytics


  • Degree in business, marketing, communications or a related field 
  • 5+ years experience in marketing communications or public relations
  • Exceptional written, verbal, and presentation skills
  • Experience managing teams
  • A high-EQ relationship builder and team player


The council provides more than competitive compensation benchmarked against similar private sector organizations – not non-profits.

Compensation package includes

  • Bonus program (a rarity for a non-profit)
  • Retirement matching program
  • High quality employer-paid benefits


  • Vice President Communications and External Relations

To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to Vimy HR via the following link: