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Jess Taylor

External Relations Specialist

Jess is a passionate communicator with experience teaching, conducting research, and working within the public relations & marketing realms, varying her interests between health, research, policy, and stakeholder relations. As a proud Albertan, Jess is committed to changing the narrative on Alberta’s story to help show the rest of Canadaand the worldwhat Alberta is truly all about.

Completing her Master of Arts in Communication at Simon Fraser University, Jess focused her research on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), writing a thesis titled “Communicating Contentious Issues In Canada: Analyzing Media Discourse of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)” where she analyzed print media’s perception and presentation of the topic.

Currently, Jess serves as External Relations Specialist at the Business Council of Alberta where she works to unite people, province, and community to create a more prosperous Alberta for all. Her work at BCA includes building and maintaining relationships with community and government stakeholders, hosting roundtables, events, and member meetings, and working as podcast producer for BCAs AlbertaBETTER podcast. Previously in her role as Communications & Administrative Coordinator at BCA, Jess worked as Communications Lead for Alberta’s Mobile Vaccination Clinic (MVC), a meaningful and flagship project for her career.

In her spare time she is often found reading, working on her health, and communicating with friends from around the world.