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Rory Phillips

Policy Analyst


Rory is a Policy Analyst at the Business Council of Alberta. He brings with him a wide range of experience in research and analysis informed by his undergraduate and graduate studies in political science. Originally from London, England, Alberta attracted his family as it does for many other current and future Canadians today.

Rory graduated from the University of Calgary with an MA in Political Science in 2023, after completing his bachelor’s there two years prior. During his studies, he discovered a deep interest in policy, from how issues are framed to how policy is implemented, and how it can effectively make people’s lives better. Before joining the Council, Rory worked as a Research Assistant and Projects Coordinator at the University of Calgary.

Rory is passionate about how we can contribute to one another’s shared well-being and prosperity through thriving business, and how policy can enable it.

In his spare time, Rory gigs with his band, and enjoys reading philosophy and spending time with his friends and family.