June 23, 2020

Celebrating a historic achievement with BCA member ATCO

We are proud to celebrate with BCA member ATCO and BCA co-founder and Vice Chair Nancy Southern this historic achievement in being selected to modernize Puerto Rico’s electrical grid.

An example of a world-class Canadian company bringing our energy and power expertise to the world. This is great news for ATCO, and even better news for the people of Puerto Rico who will benefit from a sustainable, reliable, and resilient electrical system.

Energy is one of our most fundamental basic needs. Like food, it is one of the essential building blocks on which social prosperity is built, and this announcement shows again what Albertans already knew: nobody does energy better than Canada.

Congratulations on this win, and on your partnership with Quanta Services to form LUMA and serve the people of Puerto Rico.

Adam Legge
President, Business Council of Alberta

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