September 20, 2019

Mike Holden, Top Canadian Economist, Joins Business Council of Alberta

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Alberta, Canada—One of Canada’s top economists, Mike Holden, has joined the Business Council of Alberta (BCA) as the organization’s Vice President of Policy & Chief Economist. Mike will direct BCA’s research agenda and be a leading voice on policy and economic issues within Alberta.


“After a nationwide search, we are excited to announce Mike Holden has joined our organization to lead the Business Council of Alberta’s policy work and bring new economic insight to our province,” says BCA President Adam Legge. “Policy and advocacy are at the heart of what our organization is all about, and Mike’s extensive experience in policy development and economic analysis will be instrumental in our work to make life better for Albertans and Canadians. We are eager to bring a top caliber chief economist voice focused on economic and social prosperity issues to the Albertan and national conversations.”

Mike joins BCA from the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) where he, as Chief Economist, led the organization’s economic analysis and forecasting functions and directed major research projects. He has written on a wide range of issues important to manufacturers and led the development of CME’s national strategy for manufacturing. Mike brings over 20 years of experience in economics for organizations including the Canada West Foundation, Parliament of Canada, and Atlantic Province’s Economic Council.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to contribute to the important policy conversations taking place in Alberta and across the country, says Mike. “Sometimes, economists get too caught up in short-term numbers and trends. My goal is to cut through that noise and focus on smart, evidence-based policy choices that make life better for all Albertans. Because at the end of the day, prosperity is what economics and public policy should be all about.”

While only a few days into his new role Mike has already identified three key economic and policy areas that he will be following and regularly commenting on:

  1. Fiscal Sustainability: keeping government expenses under control, delivering services in an innovative and competitive manner, and adopting a sustainable long-term revenue model
  2. Business Investment and Competitiveness in Alberta: capital, machinery, and equipment investments, and boosting productivity and innovation measures
  3. Alberta’s Long-Term Strategy for Shared Prosperity: focusing on wages, quality employment, and environmental sustainability

On a go-forward basis, Mike will be available to comment on Alberta economic issues, fiscal policy, trade and market access, competitiveness, and employment issues.

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