April 30, 2020

Provincial strategy to re-launch Alberta economy is a cautious first step on the long road to recovery

ALBERTA – The Business Council of Alberta welcomes the Government of Alberta’s announcement of a plan for a phased re-opening of the economy. The announcement is appropriately cautious but gives Albertans and the business community the clarity they need to begin planning for the next phase of life before a vaccine is created.   

“The health of Albertans is the first and foremost priority. Considering the health outcomes our province is experiencing, many Albertans and businesses are eager to begin re-opening the province. We are pleased to see the government has put forward a measured, prudent and thoughtful plan that puts Albertans first,” says Adam Legge, President of the Business Council of Alberta. “This will be a gradual and complex process, and we look forward to working with the government to develop and implement the protocols and best practices needed to move forward safely.”   

The plan is broken down into three phases, with the first set to begin as early as May 14. As long as Albertans continue to do their part, the first stage of this plan will see some local businesses begin to open up, bringing back jobs, slowly re-building public confidence, and getting the wheels of the economy turning again. 

“This framework is the first step in the process of returning to more normal levels of economic and social activity,” says Legge. “The road to recovery will be long and challenging. This next phase will not be a return to normal – it will be something between now and normal, which will only happen once a vaccine is created. We know that through effective collaboration between government, business and health officials, Alberta can become a model of success for recovery and resilience.”  

This announcement follows a letter the Business Council of Alberta sent to Premier Jason Kenney earlier this week to outline a three-point plan to re-open the economy and build a stronger Alberta after COVID-19. The letter emphasizes that, with clear government guidelines and safety procedures in place and driven by the expertise of Alberta’s health officials, Alberta’s business leaders are ready and willing to do their part in re-opening the economy and building a stronger Alberta.  

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