June 18, 2021

Decision to keep Canadian international border closed is disappointing

Today’s decision by the federal government to keep the Canadian international border closed until at least late July is very disappointing for both business and people.

Keeping the border closed to non-essential travel will have a significant and potentially damaging impact on both the Canada and US economies. This affects many industries that do business across the border, and it will impact the tourism sector in particular during the summer travel season. This is when our tourism and travel industry—the sector still experiencing the most significant job loss—makes the majority of their revenue for the year. They can’t make it up later. This will only increase the need for further government support, in a time when budgets are strained.

With an appropriate strategy and vaccination protocols, it is possible to safely welcome visitors and business travelers from abroad, and particularly from our largest trading partner.

We have urged the federal government to develop a clear and coordinated plan to reopen the border in a way that balances safety, economy, and health, and we reissue our call for that plan today.

It is time for Canada to have immediate clarity on the plan for border reopening, including both a travel framework and vaccine certification.

Utilizing effective border protocols, evidence-based procedures, and proof of vaccination for inbound travellers, the Canada-US border in particular should be reopened as soon as possible.

Adam Legge
President, Business Council of Alberta

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