October 22, 2019

Re-Election of Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada

canadian federal election

On behalf of the Business Council of Alberta, we congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau and his government on re-election. We are looking forward to working with the Prime Minister and his cabinet to tackle some of the greatest challenges to shared prosperity in our country – both economically and socially.

For Canada’s next government these challenges are clear. They include: creating an ambitious and attainable vision for Canada to reach its environmental goals; uniting our fractured country; and helping make life better for all Canadians. Canada can meet these challenges and be a model for the world.

To do this will require rebuilding trust and establishing a supportive relationship between government, business and people. We must all work much better together, and we look forward to contributing to this effort.

Adam Legge, President, Business Council of Alberta

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