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AlbertaBETTER explores how we co-create a society where everyone can thrive—through the lens of business.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a good life in an equally good society—one where people, business, and the environment can flourish?

We wondered that, too.

AlbertaBETTER is a journey to understand what it takes to create a good life here in Alberta and how we, as Albertans, businesses, and governments, can shape our society so everyone prospers.

Podcast Series


C-Suite Unplugged

Have you wondered what goes on inside a CEO’s mind or what it is really like to lead a company?

C-Suite Unplugged brings you fresh and honest conversations with Alberta’s business leaders.

Join host Adam Legge, President of the Business Council of Alberta, for an unplugged conversation with the CEOs of Alberta’s biggest companies about what keeps them up at night and their outlook on the future of Alberta.

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The Brief

Are you passionate about Alberta and curious about how we make life better for Albertans?

We are, too. The Brief explores this question and more.

Join co-hosts Scott Crockatt and Brittany Brander and explore the big challenges we face as Albertans; celebrate stories of growth, innovation, and prosperity; and discover bold ideas to make life better for Albertans.

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The Energy Evolution

From net zero commitments and emissions reduction targets to emerging technologies and new fuels, the world of energy is evolving. With its existing assets and expertise, Alberta is well-poised to lead the change.

This limited podcast series, The Energy Evolution, explores the technologies, future fuels, collaborations, and more that are at the core of today’s energy evolution and how Alberta can lead the charge to a low-carbon world.

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Latest Episodes


PODCAST: Episode #85: The Brief: 2022 Year in Review

PODCAST: Episode #85: The Brief: 2022 Year in Review

2022 brought us what can only be described as world-changing moments: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the death of Britain’s longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second, overturning of Roe v Wade, protests in Iran. 2022 was also a big year for Alberta: we are...

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In the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and respect, we honour and acknowledge the lands upon which we live and work as guests, including the traditional territories of the First Nations in Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and the citizens of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We thank the First Peoples of this land, which we now call Alberta, for their generations of stewardship of the land, and we seek to walk together in the spirit of truth and reconciliation to build a shared future for all in Alberta.

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