Making life better

Making life better

Making life better

Making life better

The Business Council of Alberta, has a simple but radical idea: making life better.

This means business playing its part in solving our biggest challenges to create the right conditions where Albertans, the economy and the environment can thrive without leaving anyone behind.

What We’re Working On

Doing What's Right

Alberta business is focused on the right things, with a strong commitment to environment, society and good governance (ESG) innovation and leadership, as a means to achieving shared prosperity

A Model Business Climate

Alberta is the place that enables opportunity and innovation, creates jobs, and attracts people and investment

The Future, On Purpose

An Alberta economy that is adaptive, resilient and thriving, enabling better lives for current and future generations

Who We Are

We’re made up of leaders who care about this province and its people. Like you, we care about the world we’re leaving to our children and we feel the urgency to act now.

Our Founders

A group of over 40 respected leaders from across Alberta have come together to form the initial Council, inspired by five founders:

Hal Kvisle, Chairman, Finning International; Chairman, ARC Resources; Corporate Director, Cenovus Energy.

Mac Van Wielingen, President and Founder, Viewpoint Group

Ron Mannix, Chairman Emeritus, Coril Holdings Ltd.

Nancy Southern, Chair and CEO ATCO Group

Dawn Farrell, President and CEO, TransAlta Corporation

Adam Legge is the founding President of the Business Council of Alberta.

Our Approach

Adaptation. Collaboration. Preservation.

We don’t have all the answers and we know if we are to be successful, we need many others to help find the best course of action, and to bring a true representation of Alberta’s industry, geography, people and interests. Above all, we know we need to lead by example and be part of the solutions.

Our Members


Top Alberta companies in every sector


Over 200,000 working Albertans


Tens of billions annually in our economy

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ACESO Medical
James Puckrin, President & Chief Executive Officer

Akash Group of Companies
Dhruv Gupta, President

Alberta Central
Benjamin Chappell, Chief Executive Officer

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)
Evan Siddall, Chief Executive Officer

Gary Hart, President & Chief Executive Officer

Cory Janssen, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

ARC Financial Corp.
Brian Boulanger, Chief Executive Officer

ARC Resources
Terry Anderson, Chief Executive Officer

Arcurve Inc.
Stuart O'Connor, Chair & Founding Partner

Aspen Properties
Scott Hutcheson, Executive Chair

Curtis Stange, President & Chief Executive Officer

Nancy Southern, Chair & Chief Executive Officer 

Henry Edgar, Partner 


Kelly Schmitt, Chief Executive Officer

BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions
Roberta McGillivray, Chief Executive Officer

Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
Jeffery Tonken, President & Chief Executive Officer

Black Diamond Group
Trevor Haynes, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Bluesky Equities
Derrick Hunter, President & Chief Executive Officer

Boardwalk REIT
Sam Kolias, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Brookfield Residential
Alan Norris, Executive Chairman

Builders VC
Mark Blackwell, Partner

BURNCO Rock Products Ltd.
Scott Burns, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Business Council of Alberta
Hal Kvisle, Past Chair


Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation
John Bean, President & Chief Executive Officer

Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation
Dean Koeller, President 

Cameron Development Corporation
Cameron Naqvi, President 

Canadian Natural Resources Limited
Tim McKay, President

Canadian Western Bank
Chris Fowler, President & Chief Executive Officer

Cancarb Limited
Peter Donnelly, President

Capital Power Corporation
Avik Dey, President & Chief Executive Officer

Cenovus Energy Inc.
Jon McKenzie, President & Chief Executive Officer

Coril Holdings Ltd.
Ron Mannix, Chairman Emeritus 


DynaLIFE Medical Labs
Jason Pincock, Chief Executive Officer


Enbridge Inc.
Colin Gruending, President, Liquid Pipelines & Executive Vice President

Enerplus Corporation
Ian Dundas, President & Chief Executive Officer

Ensign Energy Services Inc.
Bob Geddes, President & Chief Operating Officer

Manuj Nikhanj, President


Finning Canada
Kevin Parkes, President

First Industries Corporation
Rod Graham, Chief Executive Officer

Fluid Energy Ltd.
Chad Leier, Chief Executive Officer

Fort McKay Group of Companies
Sami Saad, Chief Executive Officer

Fountain Tire
Jason Herle, Chief Executive Officer 


G. K. Jim Farms
Dr. Kee Jim, Managing Director

Gateway Mechanical
Dave Bulloch, Chief Executive Officer

Graham Construction
Andy Trewick, President & Chief Executive Officer

GrainsConnect Canada
Warren Stow, President

Grayhawk Investment Strategies Inc.
Michael Kaumeyer, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Green Impact Partners Inc.
Jesse Douglas, Chief Executive Officer

Guardian Chemicals Inc.
Geoffrey Roth, Managing Director


Heavy Metal Equipment & Rentals
Jesse van der Werf, President 

Hokanson Capital Inc.
Jordan Hokanson, President & Chief Executive Officer


Imperial Oil
Brad Corson, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer


Jayman Built
Jay Westman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Keyera Corp.
Dean Setoguchi, President & Chief Executive Officer

Tom Short, Founder & Chief Customer Officer


Ledcor Group
Jeffery Watt, President, Ledcor Industries Inc.

Tyler Hanson, President & Chief Executive Officer

Long View Systems
Brent Allison, Chief Executive Officer


MATCO Investments
Ron Mathison, Chairman 

Mawer Investment Management Ltd.
Craig Senyk, President & Vice Chairman

MBC Group
Ross Huartt, President & Chief Executive Officer

MEG Energy
Derek Evans, President & Chief Executive Officer

Melcor Developments
Tim Melton, Chairman 

Metis Settlements Development Corporation
Barbara McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer 

MGB Investments
Michael Broadfoot, Managing Partner

Michels Canada
Dean Cowling, President

Mikisew Group
Dan Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer

Irfhan Rawji, Founder & Executive Chair

Montem Resources
Peter Doyle, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Morgan Construction
Peter Kiss, President & Chief Executive Officer


Nova Chemicals
Luis Sierra, President & Chief Executive Officer

Nutrien Inc.
Ken Seitz, President and Chief Executive Officer


OEG Inc.
Brad Gilewich, President

Oilsands Pathways to Net Zero Alliance
Kendall Dilling, President

Brendan McCracken, Chief Executive Officer 


P3 Capital Partners
Doug Horner, Chairperson 

Pacific Western Group of Companies

Parkland Corporation
Bob Espey, President & Chief Executive Officer 

PCL Constructors Inc
Dave Filipchuk, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Peavey Industries LP
Doug Anderson, President & Chief Executive Officer

Pembina Pipeline Corporation
Scott Burrows, President & Chief Executive Officer

Perpetual Energy Inc.
Sue Riddell-Rose, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Pitbull Energy Services
Sami Hayek, President

Precision Drilling Corporation 
Kevin Neveu, President & Chief Executive Officer

Properly Investment Company
Jim Peplinski, Chairman 

Pureweb Inc.
Chen Fong, Co-Founder 


Questerre Energy Corporation
Michael Binnion, President & Chief Executive Officer


RAM Elevators & Lifts Inc.
Corey Smith, President & Chief Executive Officer

RGO Products
Cathy Orr, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Rocky Mountain Equipment
Garrett Ganden, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Rocor Holdings Ltd.
Harold Roozen, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Rohit Group of Companies
Rohit Gupta, President 

Rotaflow Group of Companies
Amir Shami, President & Chief Executive Officer


Saa Dene Group
Jauvonne Kitto, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Scott Builders Inc.
Murray Cunningham, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Sequeira Partners
Aroon Sequeira, Chairman 

Servus Credit Union
Ian Burns, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Patricia Landry, Executive Director

Shell Canada Limited
Susannah Pierce, President & Country Chair, VP Emerging Energy Solutions

Simson Maxwell
Ryan Yamniuk, President & Chief Executive Officer

Spartan Controls
Grant Wilde, President & Chief Executive Officer

Stantec Inc.
Gord Johnston, President & Chief Executive Officer

Startec Compression & Process
Kristi Cawthorn, Chief Executive Officer

Stone Creek Resorts
Guy Turcotte, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Suncor Energy Inc.
Richard Kruger, President & Chief Executive Officer

Superior Lodging Corp.
Marc Staniloff, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Synergy Group of Companies
Tim Varghese, President


TC Energy
François Poirier, President & Chief Executive Officer

TELUS Business Solutions
Navin Arora, Executive Vice President, TELUS and President, TELUS Business Solutions

The51 Ventures Inc.
Judy Fairburn, Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer 

Thermo Design Engineering
Sean Montgomery, President

Tourmaline Oil Corp.
Michael Rose, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer 

TransAlta Corporation
John Kousinioris, President & Chief Executive Officer 

Trico Homes Inc.
Michael Brown, President & Chief Executive Officer

Trimac Transportation Services
Jeff McCaig, Chairman


Scott Bolton, President & Chief Executive Officer


Vanta Group / Kamandor Holdings Inc.
Noah Jones, Partner / President

Viewpoint Group / ARC Financial
Mac Van Wielingen, Founder & Chair / Founder & Partner


Waterous Energy Fund
Adam Waterous, Chief Executive Officer

Karen Brookman, President & Chief Executive Officer

Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Executive Officer

Wood Automotive Group
Gerry Wood, President & Dealer Principal


Zinc Ventures
Brad Zumwalt, President

Corporate Directors

Chris Slubicki, Corporate Director

Jim Davidson, Corporate Director 

Rick Doman, Corporate Director 

Terry Freeman, Corporate Director 

The Latest

02 July 2019

MacKinnon Report on Alberta Finances Sets Course For Long-Term Fiscal Balance and Innovation

CALGARY – The Provincial Government released its MacKinnon Panel Report on Alberta’s Finances today. The recommendations outlined in the report set out a long-term trajectory that will improve lives for Albertans and send a strong positive economic message that will improve business confidence in the province.

02 July 2019

Tax cut will mean thousands of new jobs says Business Council of Alberta

CALGARY – There’s a reason for additional optimism on Canada Day with the prospect that additional Albertans may soon be working. The Job Creation Tax Cut that comes into effect today, in combination with the predictable reductions coming over the next 3 years, has high potential to result in new projects and investments, and more Albertans working, according to 40 of Alberta’s largest investors and job creators who make up the Business Council of Alberta.

27 June 2019

New Business Council Aims to Build a More Prosperous Alberta

ALBERTA – Today Alberta’s top business leaders are launching a new non-partisan, non-profit organization – the Business Council of Alberta – to boldly meet the challenges facing our province and build a better Alberta within a more dynamic Canada.

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