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Task Force on Future Training & Skills

Alberta needs the right education and training ecosystem to ensure that our workforce is fully utilized and prepared, adaptable and resilient for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Getting a good job and being able to live a good life is important to Albertans. However, with the downturn in the economy, rise in technology and automation, and other significant changes to the employment environment, these goals are becoming out of reach for too many.

We know that top economies produce people who can adapt, change, and grow through uncertain times, circumstances, and technologies. In fact, shared prosperity can only be realized when people are employed at their skill level and can access opportunities to learn and advance.

A strong education and training ecosystem—job creation, skills training, and the appropriate funding to enable it—requires effective collaboration between business, government, and post-secondary institutions.

We have formed the Task Force on Future Training & Skills to research and recommend actions that businesses, governments, and post-secondary institutions can take to ensure that Albertans are able to access high-quality education and training programs to advance their skills, be employed to their fullest potential, make companies more effective and competitive, and contribute to long-term shared prosperity.



  • Task Force Announced – June 2019
  • Task Force Launched – September 2019
  • Final Report Released – June 2020

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In the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and respect, we honour and acknowledge the lands upon which we live and work as guests, including the traditional territories of the First Nations in Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and the citizens of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We thank the First Peoples of this land, which we now call Alberta, for their generations of stewardship of the land, and we seek to walk together in the spirit of truth and reconciliation to build a shared future for all in Alberta.

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