Competitive & Sustainable Economy

Creating A Competitive & Innovative Business Environment for Generations

A competitive and sustainable economic future is about creating the right environment for business to flourish in the long term, generating a place of shared prosperity for all.

Alberta must be the most competitive, productive, adaptive, and resilient business environment anywhere in the world. We must be bold, creative, and a lab for innovation that has the potential to change the world. That is how Alberta can be a magnet in the global competition for talent, business, investment, attention, and be a leader in innovation, future resource development, and climate performance.

Key Priorities

Natural Resources, Climate Policy & ESG

Leading emissions reduction efforts and ESG performance, developing future energies and products, and enabling the technologies, investments, and partnerships to reduce our impact on the environment and improve our impact on the world.

Economic Diversification

Building on our economic strengths and developing emerging sectors to attract investment, create good jobs, and build prosperity for generations is the smart way to diversify and grow our economy.

Business Environment & Competitiveness

Innovating, removing complexity, and focusing on competitiveness in regulation, taxation, innovation, technology adoption, infrastructure, and government budgets and services to establish a highly attractive and desirable business environment.

Fiscal, Economic & Regulatory Policy

Being competitive requires long-term fiscal and economic stability, wise and efficient spending, smart and efficient taxation, managing volatility, appropriate regulation, and effective deficit and debt management.

Market Access & Infrastructure

Alberta is a trading jurisdiction. Unlocking market access to enable trade and improving the delivery of goods and services through a comprehensive network of physical and digital infrastructure is essential to prosperity.

Innovation & Technology Ecosystem

Creating the conditions, environment, and culture to enable the necessary capital, talent, customers, institutions, and appropriate regulation to be established is vital to being a global-leading innovation ecosystem.

Key Initiatives

  • Clean Fuel Standard: Assessing the impact of the federal government’s proposed Clean Fuel Standard, how it will affect Alberta and Canada, and exploring options to improve the regulation.
  • Alberta’s Government Revenue Mix: Studying Alberta’s current fiscal situation, from declining resource revenues to a widening fiscal gap, and exploring options for increasing revenue, decreasing volatility, and returning to fiscal sustainability.

Recent Work

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In the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and respect, we honour and acknowledge the lands upon which we live and work as guests, including the traditional territories of the First Nations in Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and the citizens of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We thank the First Peoples of this land, which we now call Alberta, for their generations of stewardship of the land, and we seek to walk together in the spirit of truth and reconciliation to build a shared future for all in Alberta.

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