Jobs & Opportunity

Creating An Environment Where All Albertans Can Prosper

Prosperity begins with a good job and future opportunity. To achieve this, we must grow the economy, create jobs now, and skill Albertans to do them better than anyone else on earth.

Our future success as a province hinges on the participation and prosperity of all. Alberta’s policy environment, government investments, and institutions must therefore be designed to enable shared prosperity where all Albertans are afforded opportunity, wellness, belonging, security and the pursuit of meaningful work, and the chance to contribute their skills in a way that builds our future.

Key Priorities

Skills, Training & Education

Ensuring Albertans have the skills and options to create individual prosperity is essential. Alberta must create a resilient workforce through a culture and platform of lifelong training, education, and community-based learning (e.g. libraries) that fosters the most nimble and adaptable workforce in North America.

Role of Business in Society

By examining how business can be done differently, with different scorecards and timelines, the opportunity exists to drive long-term value for customers, employees, suppliers, and society at large—and helping people, the economy, and the environment thrive.

Diversity, Inclusion & Access to Opportunity

Creating a sense of community and belonging, as well as addressing the systemic barriers to equity and participation, particularly for gender, racialized, and Indigenous peoples of Alberta, is essential to prosperity and positive socio-economic mobility.

Prosperity Amplifiers

Certain supports enable economic activity and prosperity, such as accessible childcare; reliable access to internet and broadband services, especially in rural areas; and affordable housing, among others.


Leading on critical matters of public and mental health, particularly in the context of recent public health crises and workplace mental health will determine the prosperity potential of our province.

Key Initiatives

  • Skills for the Future: Working with businesses, post-secondary institutions, and the provincial government to develop the skills, training, and education needed to create an adaptable and resilient workforce in Alberta.

  • COVID and Economic Recovery: Accelerating a safe economic recovery in Alberta by recommending actions to create jobs; assessing the impact of COVID-related government support measures on Albertans and the business sector; and suggesting improvements to help those most affected.

Recent Work

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In the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and respect, we honour and acknowledge the lands upon which we live and work as guests, including the traditional territories of the First Nations in Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and the citizens of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We thank the First Peoples of this land, which we now call Alberta, for their generations of stewardship of the land, and we seek to walk together in the spirit of truth and reconciliation to build a shared future for all in Alberta.

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