Our Policy Approach

We go beyond the traditional “think tank” model to create policy in action, working with policymakers, collaborators, and decision-makers to drive real, positive change for Albertans.

We believe that business has a responsibility and significant role in improving the lives of Albertans. That means building businesses that create meaningful employment, contribute to economic growth, protect the environment, build strong health and education systems, and ultimately create better opportunities for everyone.

Our policy approach prioritizes action and is forward-looking. While our work is long term in nature, looking to address the systemic barriers to shared prosperity, we develop and advocate for recommendations and outcomes that can be implemented by government, industry, and others immediately.

The work we do, and the policies and actions we recommend, go beyond government mandates and economic cycles. We are focused on long-term solutions to our big challenges, and as such, we only work on a focused number of items each year structured around two major areas of focus.

Our Focus Areas

Jobs & Opportunity

We believe our success as a province hinges on the participation and prosperity of all. Prosperity begins with a good job, and future opportunity. To achieve this, we must grow the economy, create jobs now, and equip Albertans to do them better than anyone else on earth.

Competitive & Sustainable Economy

Sustainability requires that we meet the food, fuel, and fibre needs of the world today, and for decades to come, while also setting up our province and the world even better for future generations to meet their own needs. This means building Alberta as the province of challenge-driven innovation and industry, and one that is truly an economic and ESG leader.

Our Work

Highlights & key accomplishments in 2020

  • Launched AlbertaBETTER podcast, a bi-weekly look at Alberta’s big challenges and opportunities
  • Launched Skilled by Design: A Blueprint for Alberta’s Future Workforce Task Force report
  • Completed several Task Forces, including Future Training & Skills, Resource Development in Low Carbon Future, and UNDRIP
  • Launched the Alberta Snapshot, a quarterly economic snapshot of Alberta’s economy
  • Struck BCA Sector Tables to provide insight and advice to the Premier’s Economic Recovery Council amid COVID. Several of the table’s recommendations have been implemented including the federal cattle set aside program


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In the spirit of truth, reconciliation, and respect, we honour and acknowledge the lands upon which we live and work as guests, including the traditional territories of the First Nations in Treaties 6, 7, and 8 and the citizens of the Metis Nation of Alberta. We thank the First Peoples of this land, which we now call Alberta, for their generations of stewardship of the land, and we seek to walk together in the spirit of truth and reconciliation to build a shared future for all in Alberta.

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