September 8, 2020

Episode #20: Educating & Preparing Our Workforce For & Through Recovery

Look at any economic recovery plan and you will find some variation of “building back better”—how do we use this current crisis to build better processes, practices, businesses, industries, sectors, the list goes on. The critical ingredient to building a better, more resilient, and adaptative economy is to develop a better, more resilient, and adaptive workforce.

How do we do that?

The Business Council of Alberta released a report in June 2020 outlining over 50 recommendations to industry, government, and post-secondary institutions to do just that—make Alberta a place for homegrown top talent to be nurtured and a destination for global talent to bring their ideas, expertise, and innovations to Alberta to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

In this episode, we dive deeper into these ideas to building Alberta’s workforce, especially in a post-COVID economic recovery. We’ll talk about the themes highlighted in the report, and we’ll explore the rise and opportunity of micro-credentialing with Laura Jo Gunter, President & CEO of NAIT.

In this episode

  • 2:50: Genesis of BCA’s Task Force on Future Education & Training and how COVID-19 impacted this work
  • 6:40: Recommendations for building a better Alberta/improving our reputation
  • 8:50: Recommendations for work-integrated learning
  • 11:36: Recommendations for micro-credentialing
  • 14:17: Introducing Laura Jo Gunter, President & CEO of NAIT
  • 16: 12: Rise and benefits of micro-credentialing
  • 20:46: Bow Valley College’s Pivot-Ed program
  • 25:01: Future and outlook of micro-credentials with the post-secondary ecosystem and corporate training
  • 30:26: Obstacles to expanding micro-credentialing
  • 33:00: progress in work-integrated learning at NAIT
  • 36:34: How we make micro-credentialing and work-integrated learning successful
  • 39:49: How business can help advance these ideas and practices

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