December 18, 2020

Episode #28: C-Suite Unplugged: 2020 Year in Review with BCA President Adam Legge

From the depth of the economic devastation, uncertainty, and health and social impact brought on by COVID to the shifting tides of the nature of work and skills, this year has been truly unprecedented. And while it has been said before, perhaps no other word truly captures the events, economic impact, and experience of this year.

For our final episode of 2020, we want to take a moment to reflect on 2020, the challenges and opportunities it brought, and look forward to a new year. On this special episode of our C-Suite Unplugged series, we asked our President, Adam Legge, to share some reflections on 2020 and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Albertans, from building our tech and innovation ecosystem and natural resources and tech and innovation to responding to the mounting mental health crisis and exploring business’ role in society.

In This Episode:

  • Health, economic, mental, and social impacts of COVID on Albertans
  • How Alberta business stepped up to protect and support Albertans throughout COVID
  • BCA’s role in advocating for provincial and federal support programs such as CEWS, set aside program, child care, etc.
  • Why Albertans need to be at the heart of our recovery and building a workforce development strategy to ensure this happens
  • The impact of COVID on mental health, and why responding to this crisis, with empathy, needs to be a policy priority
  • Outlook for 2021 for Alberta’s challenges and opportunities, from agri-food and energy transition to tech and innovation and petrochemicals
  • How the Canadian energy industry can thrive in the next chapter and be a leader in emissions reduction
  • Getting Alberta’s tech and innovation ecosystem to fire on all cylinders
  • How social and digital media have changed our public discourse

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