November 1, 2022

Episode #82: C-Suite Unplugged: Jeff McCaig, Chairman, Trimac Transportation Services

One of the more common human experiences is buying food—whether at a supermarket, farmers market, a roadside stand, or even a food bank. But rarely do we think about how the food we buy, or any of the products we consume, got to their destinations. There is an entire sector behind the transportation and distribution of the products we use every single day.

On this episode, we’re talking to Jeff McCaig who heads up one of Western Canada’s largest transportation and logistics companies Trimac. We dig into his former life as a lawyer, the transition to joining Trimac, and his other roles in Calgary’s business community. We’ll even hear the story of how Jeff and a few friends brought the beloved Calgary Flames to the city.

We also dig into the company’s story and Jeff’s outlook on its future and the future of Alberta.

In this episode:

  • From law to business—Jeff’s early career
  • Jeff’s leadership philosophy
  • A day in the life
  • Advice to a young professional
  • Origins of Trimac
  • Trimac’s legacy of diversity and inclusion
  • Trimac’s commitment to emissions reduction
  • Outlook on labour shortages
  • Impact of creating trucking certifications
  • Outlook on the future of the sector
  • How Jeff brought the Calgary Flames to the city
  • His outlook for the team going into the season

About C-Suite Unplugged

In this series, C-Suite Unplugged, host Adam Legge talks to Alberta’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders about their journey to the C-Suite, what keeps them up at night as an Albertan and as a leader in their industry, and what their outlook is for the future.

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