November 29, 2022

Episode #84: The Brief: Addressing Houselessness in Our Communities

When you think about the word “prosperity,” what comes to mind?

For many of us, “prosperity” means having the resources to afford food and shelter, and to be able to provide other necessities of life. However, for others, access to even these basic needs is a luxury. So how we do ensure that everyone has the resources they need to thrive?

On this episode, we’re talking to Bissell Centre CEO, Gary St. Amand, a pioneer in the Edmonton social services space, and a fierce advocate for safety and wellness for all Albertans.

As CEO for the last 10 years, Gary is committed to the Centre’s mission of working with people and communities to empower people out of poverty and into economic, social, and cultural prosperity. And while this is no easy task, Gary knows just how possible it can be when we come together with one goal in mind.

Gary discusses the progress to date in addressing some of Edmonton’s challenges on houselessness and poverty, how we can tackle these challenges, and how we can create sustainable solutions and truly support people to thrive.

In this episode:

  • The Bissell Centre’s mission and commitment to change
  • Understanding different types of prosperity
  • The impact of the pandemic on houselessness
  • Is there an end to poverty?
  • Understanding the narratives around houselessness
  • Defining safety in our communities
  • Addressing social spending on houselessness and like issues
  • Investing in systems to address poverty
  • Houselessness versus homelessness
  • Measuring the impact of addressing houselessness and poverty
  • Gary’s thoughts on his role with BCAs Prosperity Advisory Committee


About The Brief

In this series, co-hosts Scott Crockatt and Brittany Brander explore the big challenges we face as Albertans; celebrate stories of growth, innovation, and prosperity; and discover bold ideas to make life better for Albertans. See more episodes here.

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