February 2, 2021

Episode #31: Alberta’s Natural Gas Opportunity—A Conversation with Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity

“Canada is among the world’s top five producers of natural gas, with about two-thirds of this production coming from Alberta. The industry employs tens of thousands of Albertans and has the potential to generate billions of dollars each year in revenue. Alberta is also well positioned to expand into new and exciting areas for growth in the natural gas sector.” (Natural gas vision and strategy, Alberta Government, October 2020)

One can hardly talk about energy without mentioning natural gas or hydrogen. Not only do these emerging energy sources hold enormous economic opportunity, but they are also key to achieving both global and national emissions reduction goals. Whether it’s developing and exporting natural gas as a low-carbon fuel to displace higher emitting fuels around the world, building a world-class petrochemical and plastics recycling ecosystem in Alberta, or developing our hydrogen capability to reduce our emissions, there is immense opportunity in responsibly developing Alberta’s natural gas resources both for today and our future.

Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity, Dale Nally, joins the show to talk about the Province’s new natural gas strategy and vision, and how Alberta can seize the opportunity to create jobs, opportunities, long-term economic growth, and be a leader in reaching Canada’s climate goals.

In This Episode:

  • History of natural gas development in Alberta and its importance to the province
  • Growth and opportunity for natural gas
  • Vision for Alberta’s natural gas strategy
  • Opportunity in petrochemicals and plastics recycling
  • Seizing the future demand in LNG
  • Emerging opportunity in hydrogen development (e.g., blue hydrogen and CCUS)
  • What industry needs to implement this strategy
  • Collaboration between provincial and federal government to implement strategy
  • Opportunity for Alberta to help reduce energy poverty around the world
  • Infrastructure and regulation requirements to move forward

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