January 19, 2021

PODCAST: Episode #030: What a Biden Presidency Means for Canada—and Alberta

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. And his plans for the U.S.—from fighting the pandemic and rolling out vaccines to climate and trade policies—will have implications for Canada.

It can be argued that Canada and the U.S. have one of the most successful security and trade relationships in the history of the world, and the future success and prosperity of each country is invariably linked to one another.

On the eve of a new presidential administration, foremost expert on Canada-U.S. relations and CEO of the Canadian American Business Council, Scotty Greenwood, joins the show to discuss the priorities of the incoming Biden-Harris administration and what implications these plans hold for Canada.

In This Episode:

  • Brief commentary on the recent events in the U.S.
  • Summary of top priorities of the incoming administration, from health to economy
  • The historic value of the Canada-U.S. relationship and opportunities to work together for collective prosperity into the future (e.g., rare earth mineral production)
  • Top priorities from CCAB for the Biden administration (e.g., economic recovery, border re-opening and travel resumption, regulatory co-operation)
  • Implications of Biden’s presidency on pipelines projects such as Enbridge’s Line 3 and Keystone XL and Canada’s natural resource sector
    • Since the recording of this episode, it has been reported that President Biden plans to cancel KXL early in his administration. See our full statement on this announcement here.
  • Mechanics of the Canada-U.S. ambassadorship—and why this position matters to our collective prosperity
  • The importance of trade to economic resilience and how the U.S. will approach trade in an era of a global pandemic (e.g., vaccine roll out as a priority)
  • Tricky issues that a Biden administration will need to wrestle with (e.g., China, economic despair, cyber threats, etc.)
  • Why the future of Canada-U.S. relations is bright

Resources Mentioned:

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The Canada-U.S. relationship is important to the success and prosperity of both countries. Dive deeper into what a #Biden presidency means for Canada and Alberta on this episode of #AlbertaBETTER. Listen: Share this episode

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