Reporting to the VP of Policy, the Policy Analyst plays a critical role in executing the Business Council of Alberta’s research and policy agenda. This work takes place in two broad streams: supporting the work of BCA’s member-based Task Forces and Committees; and contributing to internally driven research projects and publications.

In addition to policy analysis and writing, other key elements of this position include engagement with government, Indigenous, non-profit, NGO, and private-sector stakeholders; the ability to work well in a fast-paced environment; and a willingness to assist in a range of tasks to help our small team succeed.

In general, our research and policy initiatives fall into two broad categories: Jobs and Opportunity and Sustainable Economic Future. Within that context, a strong knowledge of energy and climate policy and/or labour and skills policy would be assets but are not prerequisites.

The goal of our work is to improve prosperity for all Albertans and Canadians. We believe that the business sector has a leading role to play in helping people, the economy, and the environment thrive. We contribute by developing and advocating for policy solutions that enable growth in the short term, and that set Alberta on a path to a long-term sustainable future.



You believe in creating a better Alberta within a strong Canada. You believe that true prosperity means more than just money: it includes family and community; shared economic opportunity; high-quality health care and education; and a clean and sustainable environment.

You have a curious and open mind, and you value learning and personal growth. You are not afraid to ask questions or to be wrong. You are happy to accept assignments and tasks that stretch your comfort zone because they provide you with an opportunity to learn something new.

Research and analytical capabilities

You are an excellent writer, a creative thinker and a thorough researcher. You believe in evidence-based policy and seek out interesting and inventive solutions to policy challenges with honesty and integrity. You have strong numeracy skills and a good understanding of the public policy ecosystem in Alberta and across Canada.


You are friendly, personable, and work well with others. You take pride in doing what is necessary to get the job done, even if it falls outside your core responsibilities. You set high standards for your own work, but don’t take yourself too seriously in the process. You are comfortable in a wide range of formal and informal social situations. You are a good listener, able to distill wide-ranging discussions into core themes and ideas. You are confident in what you know but unafraid to admit what you don’t. You take critical feedback well. You have fun at work.


  • Provide research support and analysis for BCA policy committees
  • Work with VP, Policy, other staff and committee chairs to deliver major research projects
  • Contribute to BCA’s regular publications and commentaries
  • Engage with BCA members and other stakeholders
  • Attend conferences, seminars, and other events on behalf of BCA
  • Provide research support for BCA’s executive team
  • Work independently or collaboratively to research and write policy papers, as assigned
  • Assist Communications team with developing press releases, social media content, and other communications outputs
  • Assist with creating PowerPoint presentations and other outreach tools
  • Issues and media monitoring


  • Strong knowledge of economic and public policy issues in Alberta and across Canada
  • Excellent written, verbal, numeracy, and presentation skills
  • Proficiency in Office 365 Suite, especially Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Ability to work well both independently and in small teams
  • Effective time management and the ability to juggle multiple tasks
  • Adaptability and willingness to learn


  • A graduate degree in public policy, economics, political science, history, or related field
  • Five years’ relevant work experience
  • Policy experience in energy and climate, and/or labour and skills
  • Knowledge and/or experience in any of the following subject areas:
    • Innovation and technology
    • Tax, regulatory and fiscal policy
    • Indigenous engagement
    • Internal trade

We value work ethic, enthusiasm, and quality of ideas over formal qualifications. If you believe this is the job for you even though you lack some of the education/work experience listed above, we would love to hear why. Our last out-of-the box hire turned out to be amazing. 


  • Vice President of Policy & Chief Economist


The Business Council of Alberta is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to building a better Alberta within a more dynamic Canada. Composed of the chief executives and leading entrepreneurs of the province’s largest enterprises, Council members are proud to represent the majority of Alberta’s private sector investment, job creation, exports, and research and development. The Council is committed to working with leaders and stakeholders across Alberta in proposing bold and innovative public policy solutions and initiatives that will make life better for Albertans.


We believe that when business does well, we all do well. Through policy, advocacy, and action, we harness the power of thriving business to deliver “and” solutions that increase the economic and social prosperity of Albertans. Our work takes thee general forms: Policy. Advocacy. Action.


  • Integrity
  • Legacy
  • Innovation
  • Community


Send your resume and cover letter to careers@businesscouncilab.com. The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. For more information on this position, please contact 403-969-3351.

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