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We are a group of leaders, policy experts, and communicators working with Alberta’s top business leaders to help create a better life for all Albertans.

Are you ready to join the team?

Creating an Alberta where everyone can have the chance to prosper.

We aren’t just a think tank—we are an action tank. We tackle the big challenges that face Albertans and develop the “and” solutions that make life better for Albertans.

If you are a curious, passionate, and creative person who wants to make a difference for Albertans, you may be what we are looking for.

Our Actions

Driven by Purpose

Preserve. Improve. Build.

We love our province and the people who call this place home. In everything we do, we strive to make it better than we found it—for business, our environment, and people. We do what we do not because it is easy, but because it is right. 

We are strong, assertive, and steadfast in working to make life better.

United by Outcome

 Trust. Collaborate. Navigate.

Undaunted by fear and obstacles, we boldly chart a prosperous future for our province. It’s our responsibility and our passion. We are effective collaborators. We value relationships. We know that to achieve our purpose and a united outcome, we need to bring together leaders from all perspectives.

It isn’t always easy, but it’s possible.

Daring & Achieving

 Bold. Adapt. Effective.

We measure ourselves not by what we say but by what we accomplish. We take action and get it done. We are proactive, sensible, and realistic. We see what is possible, and we drive with all our passion to deliver it. We change and adapt to stay relevant. We dare and we endure.

We take a leap of faith to create our finest work.

Our Values


 We exist to make life better for our beloved province and all those in it. This lofty goal can only be achieved if we relentlessly show through actions our intention to do what is right for all.

We hold each other accountable for our decisions and actions. We follow through on our promises, and we don’t deviate from our purpose.

We build trust by being honest, ethical, and uncompromising in our actions.


 In everything we do, we strive to make it better than we found it: our province, the people in it, and our natural environment.

Every action and interaction we have, we seek to do what is right and make it a little better.

Our actions have consequences, and we strive to make ours positive for all those who will come after.


 If we are to be successful at achieving our purpose of “Making life better,” we’ll need to find new solutions to old problems.

It means we have to change the status quo, gain a broad perspective, and be creative thinkers.


 Our community is what binds us together. It’s the reason we do what we do. We care for our community, its people, the environment, and long-term prosperity.

Our community is also where we’ll find those with whom we’ll collaborate to find the solutions we need to achieve our mission.

Current Opportunities

We are always looking for the next policy expert, economist, communicator, or anyone else with good ideas and a passion to make a difference for Albertans. Think you’d make a good fit? Check back for open positions.

Manager, Communications (June 2024)

Communications Coordinator (July 2024)