Our Priorities for Government

We work with policymakers in the provincial and federal governments to advocate for policies that make life better for Albertans and unleash the potential of our province. See below for our top priorities for the provincial and federal government.

Provincial Priorities
Federal Priorities

Workforce development strategy

Transform Alberta’s skills, training, and education systems for the workforce needs of the future

Mission-driven economic growth

Launch an Alberta Mission Agency to catalyze innovation

Competitive and sustainable long-term fiscal model

Reimagine the fiscal model to enable long-term Alberta competitiveness and prosperity

Enhance skills and immigration

Develop Canadians' skills and enhance economic immigration to attract the world’s brightest

Growth strategy for Canada

Resources strategy and regulatory transformation for Canada to support the needs of the world

Invest in Alberta’s low-carbon future

Use an approach of incentives or “carrots,” ensuring we are competitive with the US, including a particular focus on CCUS

Three things to know about the Council’s advocacy work this month


  • Working closely with the federal government on accelerating regulatory review and approvals processes
  • Working with all major provincial political parties to advocate for key priorities ahead of the provincial election
  • Sharing Alberta’s story on Parliament Hill

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