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Business Council of Alberta

Priorities for Government

Working with the provincial and federal governments on priorities that matter to Albertans.

Delivering the Promise

A framework and action plan for a prosperity-driven immigration system for Canada

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Future Unbuilt

Transforming Canada’s Regulatory Systems to Achieve Environmental, Economic, and Indigenous Partnership Goals

Final report from the Task Force on Major Project Development and Regulatory Excellence recommending improvements to Canada’s permitting and approval processes to enable major projects in Canada.

Current Work

In-depth research, analysis, and recommendations on issues impacting Albertans and Alberta business.

Jul 17 2024

From points to public opinion: Why recent changes put Canada’s long-held consensus on immigration at stake

In this commentary, we discuss how support for immigration is waning as policy shifts force the need...
Jul 16 2024

Labour Force Survey Results: July 2024

ICYMI: July 5th was Jobs Day and here are our findings. The Canadian labour market continues to weaken....
Jul 15 2024

The $10-a-day childcare program has increased women’s labour force participation overall but not every province is seeing results.   

Four years ago, as economic activity was halted by the pandemic, the importance of accessible and...
Jul 10 2024

We know the one thing we could be doing to select better economic immigrants, so why aren’t we doing it?

In this commentary, we talk about the one main thing we can do to select better immigrants to benefit...
Jul 08 2024

Yes, it’s an emergency: Canada’s productivity record lagging other wealthy countries

In this week’s EconMinute, we explore GDP per hour worked by Canada as compared to other rich...
Jul 03 2024

Strong reasons for optimism: Results from the June 2024 Business Expectations Survey

The Business Expectations Survey is a forward-looking analysis of what Alberta’s top CEOs expect...

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Over 135 chief executives from across Alberta dedicated to making life better for Albertans.



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CEO Task Forces

Deploying the experience and expertise of Alberta’s CEOs to develop policies and actions on the big challenges Albertans face.

A vision for Alberta’s future and a roadmap to achieve it.

Our award-winning final report presents both a vision for Alberta’s future, created by Albertans, and the roadmap to achieve this vision. We believe that Alberta’s best days are still ahead, but we must plan for them on purpose. Define the Decade is that plan.