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Dylan Kelso

Senior Policy Analyst


Dylan is Senior Policy Analyst at the Business Council of Alberta. He brings with him a wealth of practical public policy research experience paired with a grounding in graduate-level academic public policy theory. His work at BCA includes several major policy publications, including:

     –   a plan to improve major project regulatory review efficiency and process certainty (Future Unbuilt);
     –   a series of recommendations to address deficiencies in the federal Clean Electricity Regulations;
     –   the development of an Alberta Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy to reduce emissions from Alberta’s hard-
          to-abate sectors; and
     –   a plan to help long-term unemployed Albertans re-enter the workforce.

Dylan’s career in public policy began with a brief stint in Ottawa with a NGO, before quickly moving into a policy research and advisory position in the British Columbia Legislature. There, he developed a keen interest in all policy related to responsible natural resource development, environmental tech innovation, and Indigenous relations.

In 2020, he completed his Master of Public Policy at the University of Calgary, where his research focused on the practical implications of international sustainable finance policy developments for Canadian oil and gas sector competitiveness.

Dylan is passionate about designing policy frameworks that can best harness the capacity of Alberta’s business community to increase our shared prosperity responsibly and sustainably.

In his spare time, you can find Dylan and his wife backpacking through his new favourite playground, the Canadian Rockies.