February 12, 2020

Letter to the Federal Opposition Parties to Ratify CUSMA

A few weeks ago, BCA issued a statement to encourage all Canadian Parliamentarians to work together to ratify the Canada—United States—Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) as quickly as possible. Today, we sent the following letter to each of the federal opposition parties.

On behalf of the members of the Business Council of Alberta (BCA), we are writing you today to ask for [your party’s] support on the swift ratification of the Canada—United States—Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), or NAFTA II as it’s also called.

BCA is a non-partisan, non-profit organization composed of over 65 of Alberta’s leading businesses and entrepreneurs, representing the majority of Alberta’s private sector investment, job creation, exports and research and development. Our membership is dedicated to making life better by building a more prosperous future for all Albertans and, by extension, all Canadians.

Canada is already behind, as this agreement has been approved by the Senates of both the United States and Mexico. While there are plenty of times for lengthy debate and disagreement, this is not one of them. The livelihoods of millions of Canadians depend on this agreement.

CUSMA is vital to uniting the nation to take our skills, capabilities and products to the global marketplace, which is a key priority for our Council. For example:


  • Trade—the value of imports plus exports—is valued at 66% of Canada’s GDP
  • 76% of Canadian exports go to the US and Mexico
  • An estimated 2 Million Canadian jobs directly depend on trade with the US and Mexico
  • As a result of NAFTA, exports from Canada have tripled to the US and Mexico

While trade throughout the world makes everyone more prosperous, free trade within North America is uniquely important to Canada. Our manufacturing relationship is uniquely integrated, with products regularly travelling back and forth across the borders before they reach their final stage of completion. As well, this agreement is particularly important to trade-exposed industries, like manufacturing, agriculture and energy. Many Canadians who work in these industries have seen great struggles in recent years, and desperately need and deserve support.

What Canadians really want to see from their politicians is collaboration, compromise, and working together to deliver for the people of Canada. Here’s the chance to do just that. BCA respectfully asks all parliamentarians to quickly ratify CUSMA to ensure continued prosperity for Canadians and a beneficial trade relationship with the US and Mexico.


Adam Legge
President, Business Council of Alberta


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