November 28, 2023

Episode #110: C-Suite Unplugged: Mike Rose, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tourmaline Oil Corp.

It is said that lightning never strikes twice, meaning that an event is rare or unlikely to happen again, but for Mike Rose, Chairman, President & CEO of Tourmaline Oil, the opposition is true. In fact, Mike’s track record of building and running successful companies is nothing short of inspiring.

On this episode, we talk to Mike about the numerous successful companies he’s built from the ground up, his journey to the C-Suite, and his perspective on natural gas in Alberta and in Canada.

We also talk to Mike about what he’s learned from wife and fellow BCA Member, Sue Riddell Rose, President & CEO of Perpetual Energy, and his long-term view for the province.

In this episode:

  • Tourmaline’s story
  • Mike’s journey to the C-Suite
  • Perspective on leadership
  • A day in the life of Mike Rose
  • Advice for someone aspiring to leadership
  • The role of natural gas and LNG
  • What we can do to attract investment to Canada
  • Sustainability at Tourmaline Oil
  • Emerging technologies in the industry
  • Mike’s gratitude for his energy lifetime achievement award
  • Mike’s reflection on the role of his wife, Sue, in his success
  • Opportunities and barriers facing Alberta

About C-Suite Unplugged

In this series, C-Suite Unplugged, host Adam Legge talks to Alberta’s top CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders about their journey to the C-Suite, what keeps them up at night as an Albertan and as a leader in their industry, and what their outlook is for the future.

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