July 9, 2020

Episode #15: A Challenge-Driven Industrial Strategy with Sean Speer & Robert Asselin

The world—and its economies—are changing. The rise in intangible assets and capital—intellectual property, software, data and brand—and shifting geo-political assumptions and priorities have prompted a shift around the world to think differently about economic policy.

The assumptions and competitive basis that have historically shaped economic policy for decades no longer work in an economy that demands intangible assets and capital, and we need to adjust our economic policy in order to be competitive globally.

Top policy experts, Sean Speer and Robert Asselin, released a report with the Public Policy Forum on the rise on intangibles in our economy, and how this, combined with the broad shifting in geo-political relationships particularly between US and China, can provide the framework Canada needs to build “a challenge-driven industrial strategy that will give Canada a competitive edge as it rebuilds post COVID-19.” (Source: New North Star II: A Challenge-Driven Industrial Strategy for the Age of Intangibles)

This episode is a recording of a webinar from the Business Council of Alberta and Speer and Asselin presenting the findings of this report.

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