September 28, 2021

Episode #53: The Brief: An Inside Look at Dentons Canada’s Vaccination Program

More than a year and a half of living with COVID-19, nothing has dominated conversations in board rooms, newsrooms, and living rooms than the pandemic.    

Vaccinations have been the critical ingredient to not only protecting our loved ones, community, and health system but also to ensuring that businesses, from industrial manufacturing to a boutique shop, can continue to operate safely.

Like never before, leaders are being asked to step into and make decisions on issues that are deeply medical and personal. They are wading through a complex pond of strong views and sometimes conflicting information on vaccines; expectations of employees, customers, suppliers, and governments; impacts to business operations and long-term sustainability; considerations for employers who are unable to get vaccinated; and so much more—often with little guidance.

While there is no playbook to help leaders navigate these decisions, we are starting to see examples of employers implement a COVID-19 program within their workplaces—whether a vaccination mandate, daily testing, or a combination of both.

Dentons Canada LLP was one of the first companies to establish a temporary vaccination policy for its national team. Jillian Frank, Chief Talent & Practice Officer, is the Chair of the company’s Pandemic Response Task Force. She joins the show for an insightful conversation about how the company developed its program; the considerations and criteria that went into each decision; and how they responded to the reactions and expectations of their employees.

If you are an employer and you are considering a temporary vaccination policy, this episode is packed with good advice and best practices. If you would like to learn more, contact jillian.frank@dentons.com.

In this episode:

  • Basics of Dentons Canada’s vaccination policy
  • Decision criteria for the program
  • Key questions to ask in considering a vaccination program
  • Why Dentons implemented a program now
  • Reactions from employees and Dentons approach to respond
  • Advice to other employers considering a vaccination program
  • Key concerns to implementing a program
  • Sustainability and feasibility of vaccination programs over the long term

About The Brief

In this series, co-hosts Scott Crockatt and Brittany Brander explore the big challenges we face as Albertans; celebrate stories of growth, innovation, and prosperity; and discover bold ideas to make life better for Albertans.

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