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Delivering the Promise

A framework and action plan for a prosperity-driven immigration system for Canada

Canada has historically benefited tremendously from immigration. The promise of immigration has been this: that immigrants can come here from around the world, contribute to our economy and society, build a great life for themselves, and that collectively we will all be better off.

But that promise is at risk.


While Canada’s economic immigration system has a strong foundation, recent challenges have caused the system to stray from its goal: improving living standards for everyone.

  • Surging population growth, driven by non-permanent and permanent residents, has put pressure on Canada’s ability to support that growth.
  • Gaps in selection criteria and credential recognition have created mismatches between talent and opportunity.
  • And perhaps, most importantly, Canada’s economy has stagnated. And with future productivity expectations in the gutter, our economy will not grow at the pace required to deliver opportunity for a growing population.

All of this has created frustration among Canadians: Less than one-third of Canadians believe that our current approach to immigration is effective, and one-third of immigrants are unsure of their decision to move to Canada.

That’s a bad sign for Canada’s future.

Future prosperity requires that the Canadian economy generates more value, not just because there are more of us, but because each one of us is better off.

To get there, we need a new approach—a renewed focus on the actual purpose of economic immigration: to generate prosperity for all.

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Delivering the Promise: A Framework & Action Plan for a Prosperity-Driven Immigration System

Canada needs a clear vision and plan for economic growth through immigration. One that is driven by prosperity. One that delivers the promise of immigration—for all Canadians and the economy.

The final report from the Task Force on A Prosperity-Driven Immigration System for Canada is both a framework for a prosperity-driven immigration strategy and an action plan to get us started.

Immigration Snapshot: Pathways to Permanent Residence

What is Prosperity-Driven Immigration?

Done well, immigration is good for newcomers, businesses, and established Canadians alike. It builds a skilled workforce to support Canada’s future growth and adds cultural richness to the fabric of the nation. A prosperity-driven immigration system contains three fundamental pillars:

Market Responsiveness: Our selection of economic immigrants must prioritize the skills and experience most highly valued in the economy and adapt to evolving labour market needs.

Immigrant Support: We must support newcomers from the outset so that they can easily, quickly, and fully participate in society.

Long-Term Success: Everyone must see the value in immigration. We must ensure that Canada is viewed as the top destination for immigration and has the capacity to respond to population growth.

Immigration Snapshot: Pathways to Permanent Residence

A Vision for a Prosperity-Driven Immigration System

The Action Plan

Canada has long been known for its strong system of immigration—and has enjoyed public support and international acclaim because of it—but there are ways that we can refine this strategy.

The biggest opportunity to drive greater prosperity through immigration is through attracting and selecting the candidates with the greatest potential—and then supporting newcomers to successfully integrate into daily life. 


Making Canada the top destination for
prospective economic immigrants


Selecting immigrants with the
highest economic potential


Helping newcomers successfully
integrate into life in Canada

The time is right to reform immigration:

70% of Canadians want to see changes made to the immigration system, including increasing focus on economic immigration, improving selection of economic immigration, and improving credential recognition.


Our Journey to a Prosperity-Driven Immigration System for Canada

Over the past year, we conducted extensive research over the last year, engaging with over 70 stakeholders, including policymakers at various levels of government, think tanks, economists, researchers, settlement organizations, industry, and immigrants themselves to better understand current issues and identify opportunities. And we have shared our key lessons and insights along the way, which you can explore in the timeline below. 

Task Force Members

Amir Shami
President & CEO, Rotaflow Group of Companies

Andy Trewick
President & CEO, Graham Construction

Irfhan Rawji
Founder & Executive Chair, MobSquad

James Ha
President, Boardwalk REIT

Marco DiFranco
General Manager of Human Resources, Rocky Mountain Equipment

Navin Arora
Executive Vice President, TELUS and President, TELUS Business Solutions

Rachel Moore
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Ovintiv

Our future prosperity requires that the Canadian economy generates more value,

not just because there are more of us, but because each one of us is better off.

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