November 9, 2023

Opportunity & Prosperity: Alberta’s Progress to Defining the Decade (2023 Scorecard)

Since the pandemic, life in Alberta has improved for most people, and the province is now, in many ways, in a stronger position than it was before. And Albertans themselves see opportunity in their province. In fact, an overwhelming number of Albertans (90%) believe that they have the opportunity to live a good life here.

This report, entitled Opportunity & Prosperity: Alberta’s Progress to Defining the Decade, is the inaugural scorecard on life in Alberta, which annually tracks Alberta’s performance on social and economic prosperity measures over time.

In this scorecard report, 17 measures improved, four were flat, and two have worsened slightly.

Download the full report here or scroll below for more highlights.


  • Alberta has made major strides in attracting venture capital with total dollars invested up by 30%, coming close to doubling Alberta’s share of national investment (+92%).
  • Alberta is seen as a place of opportunity for new residents from across the country and the globe, with historic immigration and inter-provincial migration. Net immigration (from other countries) is up 117%.
  • Total GHG emissions increased slightly (+1%); however, this increase is mostly due to Alberta’s economy re-opening post-COVID. However, the curve on emissions intensity continues to bend downward—2021 emissions were 8.9% below their 2015 peak.
  • Investment in clean tech has increased to $7.4B (+19%), which is not only a new record value but also it is the biggest annual increase since 2012.


In 2022, the Business Council of Alberta (BCA) launched Define the Decade—a 10-year Prosperity Vision for the province and an economic development strategy to get there. As a part of this initiative, BCA made a commitment to annually report on Alberta’s progress on economic and social prosperity measures, including quality of life, workforce, innovation, infrastructure, environment, and fiscal sustainability.

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