June 16, 2022

Define the Decade: Building Alberta’s Future—Together (Final Report)

What does a good life in Alberta look like in the next decade?

We’ve embarked on a journey to explore how we as businesses, Albertans, and policymakers purposefully co-create a good and prosperous life for everyone through a competitive, inclusive, and sustainable economy by the next decade.

Our final report presents both a vision for Alberta’s futurecreated by Albertansand the roadmap to achieve this vision. We believe that Alberta’s best days are still ahead, but we must plan for them on purpose. Define the Decade is that plan.


Alberta is at a crossroads. Years of unequally shared prosperity, economic stagnation, struggling reputation, and a shifting global context has created an imperative for Alberta to reimagine and define our future. Many had been feeling that Alberta’s best days were behind us.

But our best days are ahead. If we are strategic, we can build on the building momentum of today to create true long-term shared prosperity. We must create a path forward that expands the economy, ensures long-term sustainability, and creates a good life for every Albertan who calls this place home. That is Define the Decade.

As the final chapter in our story, Define the Decade creates a new vision for Alberta, created by Albertans themselves, and a strategic plan to get there.


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