June 15, 2020

Exceptional Times, Exceptional Measures: Alberta CEOs on shutdown impact and future recovery

The Business Council of Alberta and Viewpoint Research conducted a survey of Alberta’s business leaders to gather insights on how deeply businesses in Alberta were impacted by the economic shutdown, caused by COVID-19 and compounded by the oil price crash, and what their expectations and plans were as we begin on the path to recovery

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Results & Highlights

We’ve crunched the numbers and found that Alberta’s business leaders, while optimistic, have been impacted greatly and many expect the road to recovery to be long, difficult and winding. Some notable highlights:

  • Business survival: 1 in 4 companies are unsure they will make through the pandemic until a vaccine is developed
  • Employment: 61% have engaged in layoffs, and 18% do not expect to refill those positions
  • Government support: Government support will be needed to mitigate the downsides. Specifically stimulating demand, clarity on health and safety regulations, and maintaining liquidity.
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