December 7, 2021

Episode #58: C-Suite Unplugged: Nancy Southern, Chair & CEO, ATCO

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world rather than Alberta and Canada. For all the challenges that we have, we are so fortunate to be here with the opportunities that we have and freedoms that we have and the ability to dream and change the world.”

Nancy Southern

And change the world she does.

The Southern name is synonymous with business in Alberta. In 1947, Ron Southern, Nancy Southern’s father, laid the groundwork for what would eventually be ATCO Ltd., a global one-stop shop for energy, housing, transportation, and infrastructure solutions. In 1989, Nancy joined the Board of Directors now leads a team that spans the globe.

In addition to leading ATCO, she is also the Chair of Canadian Utilities, Executive Vice President of Spruce Meadows, and founder, member, and/or director of numerous other boards such as the Business Council of Alberta, Business Council of Canada, and the Trilateral Commission, to name a few.

And while ATCO’s global footprint and Nancy’s accomplishments might be impressive, it is Nancy’s passion for this province, its people and future that is truly inspiring. With just one conversation with Nancy, you see that she is a leader who dreams big but also puts those dreams into action.

And she has a track record to prove it.

Whether it’s building meaningful relationships with Indigenous People, building homes for Canadian veterans, advocating for women in business, or putting some muscle behind emission reduction efforts, or even founding the Business Council of Alberta, Nancy approaches big challenges with this dual focus of big dreams and clear actions.

In the final C-Suite episode of the season—and of 2021—we’re so pleased to share her story with you in the hopes that it inspires you as much as it did us.

In this episode:

  • ATCO’s global footprint
  • Nancy’s journey to ATCO
  • Day in the life
  • Advice to future leaders
  • Founding of the Business Council of Alberta
  • Canada’s big bet in emission reduction
  • Building stronger relationships with Indigenous communities
  • What’s holding Canada back and what we’re doing well
  • Calgary’s ATCO Village and Edmonton ATCO Veterans Village
  • ATCO’s 75th anniversary
  • Future of ATCO and Alberta

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