March 8, 2021

PODCAST: Episode #037: #IWD Series: Celebrating Alberta’s Powerful Women Leaders—Annie Korver’s Story

From professionals and community advocates to entrepreneurs and C-suite executives, Alberta is home to so many incredible women leaders. These women are innovating business models, disrupting the status quo, and evolving the conversation of what it means to be a leader in a complex world. They are making their communities better.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate these women. This podcast series, Celebrating Alberta’s Powerful Women Leaders, highlights the stories of four incredible leaders in Alberta.

Series co-hosts Alicia Planincic and Brittany Brander talk with each leader about her journey into leadership, overcoming barriers and challenges, shifting the conversation about what it means to be a leader, advice for the next generation of leaders, and the vision each holds for the future of Alberta.

Listen to the other stories:

There are so many more stories of women leading, innovating, and driving positive change in Alberta. And we want to celebrate them, too. If there is a woman leader in your life that inspires you, tweet us at @BizCouncilAB and let’s celebrate the contributions that women have made to advance shared prosperity in Alberta.

In This Episode:

  • Annie’s journey into entrepreneurship, creating Rise, and advancing economic reconciliation
  • Weaving reconciliation and shared value into building inclusive cultures
  • Qualities of inclusive cultures
  • Articulating and living out values
  • Celebrating wins with others
  • Struggling with and overcoming challenge
  • Advice for future leaders
  • Annie’s vision for Alberta and advancing reconciliation
  • Annie’s #ChoosetoChallenge commitment

Resources Mentioned:

About Annie Korver

Annie Korver is a purpose-driven entrepreneur dedicated to enriching relationships between Indigenous and corporate communities.

Inspired by reconciliation in Canada and her own Metis ancestry, Annie founded her company Rise Consulting Ltd. in 2013 to advance reconciliation and Indigenous inclusion with a focus on economic development.

Bringing together Indigenous and corporate communities to create shared value, Annie champions a values-based approach to strategic inclusion.

She creates undisputed space for her clients to realize their vision and establish inclusive relationships, ultimately supporting her clients with reconciliation.

Annie has provided leadership to support the success of various Indigenous inclusion, economic development, and regulatory activities for organizations such as Trans Mountain, Pembina Pipelines, and Imperial Oil and she is told that the positive energy she brings with her work is welcomed. 

Annie is a member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, serves as a Director on the Board with the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business, is the Co-chair of the Young Women in Energy Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation Committee and is a member of the Circle for Aboriginal Relations Society and Canadian Business for Social Responsibility.

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Alberta is home to many incredible women leaders. Hear the stories of just four of these women in this special series from @BizCouncilAB celebrating #IWD2021. This is Annie Korver's story. Share this episode

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