Industry for Vaccination Alberta Coalition

Bringing vaccination access to all Albertans

The Industry for Vaccination (IFV) Coalition is a cross-Canada, industry-led collaboration, partnering with governments to leverage private sector resources as a part of a broader humanitarian effort to increase vaccinations in Canada and to protect both the lives and livelihoods of Canadians.

The Alberta Coalition, co-chaired by the Business Council of Alberta and Suncor Energy, features some of Alberta’s most prominent private sector organizations, including BCA member companies WestJet, Enbridge, DynaLIFE, and ATB among others. 

The coalition worked collaboratively with Alberta Health over the pandemic to expand vaccination access and enhance uptake in the province. Operating from July 2021 to February 2022, the Mobile Vaccination Clinic (MVC) helped to administer over 5,000 vaccinations in rural, Indigenous, and hard-to-reach communities throughout the province.

The IFV works with one goal in mind:

To help enhance vaccination, save lives, and accelerate recovery.

The Work


Provide equitable access to first and second dose vaccinations in Alberta.

We are motivated to save lives by bringing vaccines to communities without vaccination services, reliable transportation options, and to those working in hard-to-reach areas.​


Reduce the likelihood of variant outbreaks.

By vaccinating harder-to-reach rural pockets of Alberta and by providing rapid response to outbreaks, we can help to keep Albertans safer by deploying our mobile vaccination clinic to areas of need.


Demonstrate the long-term value of mobilization.

As Alberta shifts from a pandemic response, to an ongoing campaign, our work showed how creative ideas can lead to results for protecting Albertans.

Mobile Vaccination Clinic


In a joint effort between the IFV Alberta Coalition and Alberta Health, Alberta launched the province’s first mobile vaccination clinic (MVC)—and second in Canada—in July 2021 to help amplify and extend Alberta’s vaccination efforts.

The clinic provided over 5,000 vaccinations, and stopped at worksites, plants, and Indigenous and rural communities throughout the province during its tenure. In February 2022 after months on the road, the MVC entered into hibernation mode. While no longer in operation, the model is now established, and partners estimate a new MVC could be activated within 7-10 days. 

In addition to the IFVs mobile vaccination clinic, project partners TRAXX and ACESO Medical collaborated with the City of Calgary for a city focused vaccination initiative that ran for several months during the peak vaccination period. We thank all those involved in this initiative.

The Mobile Vaccination Clinic would not have been possible without our industry partners. We thank them all for their support on this project and their commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of all Albertans.

A special thanks to:

  • TRAXX for providing the motorcoach
  • ACESO Medical for providing the immunizers and medical staff
  • Alberta Health for providing the vaccines
  • Suncor for providing the fuel
  • 19 to Zero and Korte Consulting for their community and government outreach, advocacy, and project support

About the Coalition

The Industry for Vaccination (IFV) Coalition is a collaboration between private sector organizations committed to aiding the provincial government in vaccination uptake in Alberta, leveraging private sector resources as part of a broader humanitarian effort to protect both lives and livelihoods. 

    Coalition Members

    • ABB Canada
    • ACESO Medical
    • Air Canada
    • ATB
    • Business Council of Alberta
    • CAE
    • Centre for Newcomers
    • Dentons Canada LLP
    • DynaLIFE
    • Enbridge Inc.
    • Health City

    • Korte Consulting
    • Maple Leaf Foods
    • Purolator
    • Shoppers Drug Mart
    • Suncor Energy Inc.
    • Sun Life
    • TELUS
    • TRAXX Coachlines
    • WestJet
    • 19 to Zero

    Coalition Timeline

    • Coalition Created: March 2021
    • Government Advocacy Meetings: April 2021
    • Mobile Vaccination Clinic Launched: July 2021
    • MVC Placed in Hibernation Mode: February 2022

    For more information, contact:

    Scott Crockatt, Vice President, Communications & External Relations
    Twitter: @ScottCrockatt

    Media Inquiries: