Task Forces & Collaborations

Alberta’s best days are in front of us, but we must build them on purpose and collectively. We harness and deploy the experience, expertise, diversity, and expectations of BCA’s CEO members and other experts across Alberta and Canada to develop public policy that enables every Albertan to live their good life here.

BCA’s Task Forces and Collaborations are “policy in action.” We work with our members and as well as our community partners and experts to dig deep into a focused number of public policy issues each year and develop solutions that are inclusive, thoughtful, pragmatic, and non-partisan.

Current Task Forces

BCA - Major Projects Task Force - Feature

Prosperity-Driven Immigration for Canada

Improving immigration in Canada to support the long-term opportunity, well-being, and prosperity of all Canadians

Energy & Environment Committee
Developing a sustainable and inclusive vision and pathway for climate action, a thriving resource sector, and future prosperity for all Canadians.


BCA - Child Care Collaboration - Feature
Exploring the cost of child care in Alberta and ensuring that Albertan can access high-quality, accessible, and affordable child care—which is a critical enabler of prosperity for Albertans.