Energy & Environment Committee

Climate change is one of the greatest global environmental and economic challenges of all time.

Canada’s resource sector is a committed partner to help Canada achieve its climate ambitions while ensuring that people—and their livelihoods—are supported in the transition to a low carbon economy, and that Canada’s resource sector continues to thrive. The Energy & Environment Committee has created a vision and a tailored plan for Alberta to advance this goal: sustainably developing Canada’s resources in a low-carbon future.

From Outsized Emissions to Outsized Opportunities: Policies to Support an Alberta Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy

Canada's path to net zero runs through Alberta. As the largest source of emissions, we can be the largest place of solutions. However, a one-size-fits-all approach won't work. This Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy is a tailored, pragmatic plan to decarbonize Alberta’s industry, reduce emissions at home and around the world while creating new technology and greater prosperity for all Canadians.

Canada’s resource sector—including energy, mining, forestry, and more—recognizes and is taking action on climate change in order to achieve a sustainable, shared future.

We also recognize that the pathway to reaching our national climate goals, including net zero by 2050, runs through Canada’s resource sector—and through Alberta, in particular. Given Alberta’s industrial composition, it is a disproportionate contributor to Canada’s emissions profile and also presents the best opportunities to drive emissions down.

In short, the only way for Canada to reach our emissions reduction ambitions is with Alberta, and Alberta resources companies as partners.

The great news is that resource companies have already been working hard to reduce emissions, establish net zero plans and collaborations, invest in the technologies and innovations needed for the evolution of our energy sector, and advocate for innovative policy to enable this work.

And they want to—and can—do more.

Sensible public policy can help enable that.

A Vision for Canada’s Environment & Energy Future

Climate change is an urgent reality. The challenge is immense, and the time for action is now. Our vision for Canada’s environment and energy future not only supports Canada’s climate goals but our pathway to becoming the best on earth at sustainably delivering the energy, food, and resource systems of the future.

About the Committee

The Energy & Environment Committee exists to develop a sustainable and inclusive vision and pathway for climate action, a thriving resource sector, and future prosperity for all Canadians.

Work and Publications

The Committee’s work builds on recommendations and ideas submitted to the federal government through the Resource Development in a Low-Carbon Future Task Force. The Committee’s first paper—From Outsized Emissions to Outsized Opportunities Part One—explores the progress Alberta has made to date in reducing emissions and why Alberta is the ideal place to invest in achieving our climate goals. The second paper, From Outsized Emissions to Outsized Opportunities: Policies to Support an Alberta Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy, outlines the policy environment necessary to boost Alberta’s contribution to our climate goals while ensuring that the sector—and the people it employs—are thriving.

Recent Work

The Committee’s work is ongoing. Here you will find some of its recent work, including policy papers, podcasts, and commentaries.

Committee Members

  • Al Reid (Chair), Director, Oil Sands Pathways to Net Zero Initiative
  • Allan Bush, Chief Operating Officer, Tourmaline Oil
  • Brian Newmarch, Vice President, Sustainability, ARC Resources
  • Bill Clapperton, Vice President, Regulatory, Stakeholder and Environmental Affairs, CNRL
  • Bob Klager, Head, Corporate Relations Canada, Shell
  • Byron Neiles, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services, Enbridge
  • Chris Grant, Vice President, Regional Development, Suncor
  • Chris Slubicki, Former President & CEO, Modern Resources; Corporate Director, Business Council of Alberta
  • Dale Swampy, President, National Coalition of Chiefs
  • David Lye, Vice President, Government Relations Canada & Sustainability, Ovintiv
  • Dave Tiley, Director, Public Equities, AIMCo
  • Derek Evans, President & CEO, MEG Energy
  • Hal Kvisle, Past Chair, Business Council of Alberta
  • Mac Van Wielingen, Founder & Chair, Viewpoint Group; Founder & Partner, ARC Financial
  • Nancy Smith, Director, ARC Financial
  • Patrick Keys, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel, TC Energy


For more information on this Committee or its work, please contact:

Mike Holden, VP, Policy & Chief Economist

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